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Free Video Golf Lesson 2

In Lesson 1 - The Setup Routine Tracy Reed demonstrated how to get yourself setup in balance in preparation for the backswing. This lesson builds on that foundation and shows you how to make...

A More Powerful Backswing

Tracy often says if you make a good backswing and transition, the downswing is automatic. But there are some fundamental mistakes most golfers make when they start their backswing that rob them of power and prevent them from ever having a consistent game.

These 4 video clips will get your backswing started RIGHT, and help you avoid errors that cause inconsistent contact and fat or thin shots. You'll notice the difference off the tee immediately... if you watch carefully.


Backswing - Upper Body Connection

Keep it Simple...

It's easy to over-complicate the backswing.

With all the "tips" out there, where do you start? Just remember to make your "connection", keep your weight balanced on the insides of your feet (70% of the weight should be on your back leg - you get this automatically if you're setup is right. Remember to "tilt") then start your backswing with a push of your "connection".

If you're in balance, your hips will follow naturally.

Here's a little known secret to making clean, consistent contact with the ball. It's all in the elbows...

Backswing: The "Accuracy Triangle"

So, keeping the triangle allows you to maintain your distance to the ball, dramatically improving your chances for a clean hit.

How do you do that? Here's a simple yet powerful drill that guarantees you can keep your elbows in the right place and quickly program into your body the FEEL of a perfect backswing.

The "Out of Sequence" Drill


That's one of my favorite drills for practicing the backswing. If you want some immediate improvement, try hitting a bucket of balls where you do this drill after every three swings. You'll be amazed.

Here's a final word on the Backswing and how it relates to balance and weight placement during the swing:


Grab a club and practice these simple techniques now and you'll start seeing immediate results with your backswing. Remember the connection, the triangle, and the out of sequence drill -- and watch what happens.

Hit 'em well!

Kory Basaraba
Ultimate Golf System, LLC
Publisher of Tracy Reed's Golf Swing Control